Allocating Capital and Women in Leadership

The allocation of finance is not gender equitable. Women are not given as much capital as men, and that's a reflection of the lack of gender equity in terms of who is doing the allocating.”
Emma Karhan Head of Public Sector Partnerships, UK, Aon

Women currently receive less than one percent of venture capital funding globally, according to ProjectDiane, and 70 percent of venture capital investors are white males.

We still have a pipeline problem, and women remain grossly underrepresented in terms of who’s allocating capital. That’s been incredibly problematic. Historically, there has been conscious bias at play. Recently, we’ve been dealing more with unconscious bias, which is in many ways harder to recognize.”
Meredith Jones ESG Expert

In the climate tech sector, PwC’s recent report shows a 210 percent increase in funding (from $28.4 billion invested in the 12 months prior). Climate tech now accounts for 14 cents of every venture capital dollar. A comprehensive review of literature yields very little information on how many funded climate tech startups are women-led—a research void that Women+ In Climate Tech is working to fill.

Rethinking Access to Capital

2. Capital and Women in the Workforce

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