Resilient Workforces and Women in Leadership

If we think about the importance of making decisions now to address climate change, our North Star isn't just cutting emissions or implementing a certain regulatory framework. Business leaders must ask, 'What really is resilience? What data do I need to track and what metrics do I need in place to build resilience for my company, supply chain, and community?”
Bridget Gainer Vice President of Global Public Affairs, Aon

When it comes to building more resilient female workforces, increasing the number of women in leadership and decision-making roles can pay dividends for companies. Research from the Center for Creative Leadership found that organizations with a higher percentage of women are more likely to attract, retain and promote women. Companies with a higher percentage of female workers are also more likely to report having a positive work culture, higher job satisfaction, meaningful work, and real work-life balance.

Further, senior-level women are twice as likely as senior-level men to devote considerable time on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts that fall outside their official job obligations, such as recruiting employees from underrepresented groups, McKinsey found. This same study found that female leaders are more likely than male leaders to be allies to women of color and to educate themselves about challenges women of color face at work, speak out against discrimination and mentor or sponsor women of color.

Building Resilient Workforces

3. Resilient Workers

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