Navigating volatility

Enabling women to accelerate climate action

In many parts of the world, women’s livelihoods are closely linked to activities that can be easily devastated by extreme weather. This results in women bearing the brunt of increased climate volatility, and so we need to ensure they have opportunities to place themselves in more robust situations and take positions where they can contribute to the acceleration of climate action.

Resilient workforce

Steps needed to attract and retain women using a DEI approach

While women have been making advances towards employment equity in recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic saw momentum being lost. Studies have shown that women leaders play an important role in the global workforce, helping to promote diversity, equality, and a more balanced approach to the work and personal lives of employees. Quickening the pace of progress towards workplace equity can only be positive as we seek diversity in thought and action to tackle climate change.


Enabling more women to drive the allocation of capital for more investments in women-driven climate initiatives

Allocation of capital will be a vital component in how companies, governments, and individuals approach the development of solutions to tackle climate risk. Women remain underrepresented in capital allocation positions, and so ensuring that equality of opportunity exists in such roles is an important goal. Diversity at the top of the value change will only help in climate change mitigation efforts.


Using data to enable more (micro)insurance cover - recognizing women as a major market - that improve women's financial health

Women generally claim less in benefit and earn less than men during their lifetimes. This situation will be exacerbated as climate change increases health vulnerabilities and causes financial resources to be allocated to new and different issues. Unless addressed, this will mean increased risk for women, their families and their communities.

Accelerating the Race to Net Zero Through Gender Equity:


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