Action Steps

To make an impact, we need to get intentional about it. At Aon, Women in Technology focuses on attracting, advancing and empowering our women professionals with the opportunities, skills, support and confidence to thrive within the inclusive culture of Aon’s technology organization.”
Aparna Misra Vice President, Head of Strategy Planning and Risk Management, Aon

Aim for more female representation on boards

Employers can go beyond traditional approaches to hiring talent and broaden the search to include people with diverse backgrounds. In addition, ceding board seats held by men to women can shift the power divide towards true gender diversity.

Consider recruiting, retention, and promotion of female employees as mission-critical to climate action

The first step in creating hiring practices that enhance gender equity is to assess the company’s progression pipeline and succession planning. Is there an equal balance of genders working their way up the corporate ladder? Are enough women being promoted within the company to management roles? Are they leaving before they reach that stage? Are they getting adequate training to empower and enable them to succeed in management roles? Taking stock of the current state allows companies to examine the barriers preventing women from effectively rising up the ranks.

If the company does not have clear criteria for promotion and pay increases, it may be time to reconsider. Only 59 percent of women surveyed believe work given to them by their superiors truly accelerated their developmental opportunities, according to PwC. Senior leaders can work to build trust, and foster an environment where women feel comfortable discussing their career advancement goals and setting them up for success.

This responsibility isn’t all up to individual managers. Companies closing wage gaps, which will be discussed in the resilient workforce section, also builds trust if done in a transparent manner.

Invest in women-owned businesses to increase resilience across the supply chain as well as for communities

Supporting female-owned businesses throughout the supply chain should be considered a climate strategy with triple bottom line impacts for planet, people, and profits.

Building Resilient Workforces


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