Across a spectrum of geographies, industries and careers, and for a wide variety of reasons, women could be considered an underserved market, and one with tremendous potential, both for unleashing returns as well as for improving outcomes in climate and sustainability.

As previously mentioned by the Harvard Business Review, women now lead the global economy by managing $20 trillion in purchasing power per year with forward looking estimates nearing $28 trillion. In total, women make up a potential marketplace for economic opportunity larger than India and China combined.

Consider that:

The insurance industry could earn up to $1.7 trillion by 2030 if it targets women, with half of their earnings just from emerging economies, according to the IFC.

Once women are insured, they are 8% more loyal to their current insurer than men, according to InsuResilience. Women also file fewer fraudulent claims and are more likely to encourage others to try their insurance carrier.

More than 70% of women-owned SMEs have inadequate or no access to financial services, according to Goldman Sachs.

With equal resources, women could increase agricultural yields by 30% according to the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), thereby shoring up the resilience of their communities and food supply.

Addressing the Underserved

2. Women in Leadership

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