Action Steps

Recruiting more women into positions of leadership in finance, technology, and investment will pay dividends, with benefits for both employers and climate action.

As women’s influence over the global economy grows, a focus on gender equity throughout the value chain will help companies build brand loyalty and anticipate the needs of women which, in turn, will build profitability and resilience for companies.

Financial services products that reach women, using tools such as blockchain or strategies such as last-mile innovations, should be considered both opportunities for business growth as well as sound resilience-building strategies.

Allocation of capital will be a vital component in how companies, governments, and individuals approach the development of solutions to tackle climate risk. Women remain underrepresented in capital allocation positions, and so ensuring that equality of opportunity exists in such roles is an important goal. Diversity at the top of the value chain will only help in climate change mitigation efforts.

Addressing the Underserved


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