Action Steps

Focus on recruiting, retaining, and training more women to leadership positions as this may produce a virtuous cycle of DEI benefits throughout a company’s full value chain.

From venture funding to workforce development, embedding gender equity into decision-making is critical.

Diversity of thinking and perspectives leads to innovative solutions—and addressing the climate crisis will take all the innovation we can muster.

In addressing indirect emissions through the supply chain (also known as Scope 3 emissions), companies should assess with a gender lens to ensure women-owned businesses are not locked out.

As strategies and technologies develop to assess and address Scope 3 emissions, companies should employ a critical eye in their use. Artificial Intelligence (AI) designed in an environment where equity is not embedded may give an incomplete picture of risks and opportunities in a supply chain. This could lead to women-owned businesses being unsupported or worse, divested.

Rethinking Access to Capital


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